We see things differently

Birgitta Foster, BSME, MBA

Vice President Operations & Facility Integration

Cindy Baldwin,  CGC, LEED AP, CM-BIM

Chief Operating Officer

Meet The Executive Team

The team at VDCO Tech saw a need in the market for something more. Tired of all the BIM BS*** and meaningless BIM banter, we work with our clients to FIND and DEFINE their BIM BUSINESS VALUE in Design, Construction and Operations. Not just your average BIM Modeling Company, we serve as your BIM Best Friends! We rally behind you with encouragement and advice; We stand with you and guide you during the tough times; and we tell you the truth - honestly, simply and respectfully. Our BIM experts are here to help, to listen and to take action. At VDCO Tech, we see and do things differently!  

What to Expect

Reality of BIM.

Not just pretty pictures, we can help you define the business value of BIM.


Genuine concern.

We are in the BIM trenches too. We don't just preach BIM, we practice it. 


Professional service.

Looking for more than just a modeling service? Our  professional staff can help you with your toughest BIM questions.   

A Word About Us