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Birgitta Foster

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As a progressive BIM2FM Service provider, VDCO Tech also specializes in building information modeling in all project phases and disciplines along with the following client focused services:

  • BIM / Facilities Management (FM) Integration Strategies
  • BIM2 FM Workflow - Proof of Concepts 
  • Facilities Information Specifications 
  • COBie Implementation Plans
  • COBie deliverable support & training  
  • BIM Benchmarking and Value Analysis
  • BIM / COBie Guidelines & Standards
  • BIM Best Practices
  • Full service modeling for new and existing facilities
  • Laser Scanning
  • BIM/GIS Integration 
  • Existing BIM Management

The team at VDCO Tech have real world field experience and have a proven process in specifying, collecting, verifying and integrating project data for Owners in various  industry sectors including Florida International University, Sandia National Laboratories, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, and Nova Southeastern University to name a few.

Who We Are

Here at VDCO Tech we see things differently. We see building information coming from a new dimension : a 3D information rich virtual building model better known as a BIM (Building Information Model).  

VDCO Tech views projects utilizing BIM not ending with the owner, but starting with the owner. Who else knows best what information is important to their business processes. We look at BIM as not only a visual tool but as a vehicle for capturing and delivering valuable building information.  We view BIM enabled projects not just benefiting the owner and their operators but also the other business centers who need access to the same building information.

VDCO Tech does not consider a BIM  just a final deliverable but as virtual digital asset that should be leveraged as far into the building lifecycle as possible. As a provider of Virtual Design-Construction-Operation services, we support BIM as essential to the project process, but see the full value a BIM found during operational life of the building where the majority of the life cycle costs occur.

VDCO Tech leverages the free open Construction to Operations Building  information exchange  (COBie) standard for the transfer of building information between Virtual Design and Construction softwares and owners existing facility databases. 

Lead by Birgitta Foster, a world leader in Facility Data and BIM integration, VDCO  Tech works with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners to improve data exchanges and streamline Design, Construction and Facility Management (FM) workflows.

Often tasked to not only develop an owners facility information specification for contracting their FM data deliverables (based on the COBie Standard), but are required, either through a proof of concept or real  project, to deliver to the specification… we can honestly say "we walk the talk".  

CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about how we can assist your organization in taking advantage of free open exchange standards such as COBie for transferring your building data. 

We see things differently