Birgitta Foster

Grew Up:Born in Alaska but grew up in the Washington DC area.

School: University of Texas, Austin. Hook'em Horns!.

My Career Track: My first job was busing tables at  a Tex-Mex restaurant. After completing my BSME went on to be an Application Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Engineering Manger, Assisting previous job : Facilities BIM Champion. Founder and Director of Facilities Integration at VDCO TECH. I have over 25 years experience working in the built environment.

My colleagues describe me as: Passionate and focused, a great combo .

Favorite thing to do besides work? Tennis, skiing, tennis, hiking, sailing,..did I mention tennis?

Favorite food? Fresh grilled fish, my dad's cornbread.

Favorite book or author? Legal Thrillers by John Gresham ( my fav :The Partner), John Lescroart books; financial journalist Michael Lewis  

Biggest Pet Peeve(s): People who do not follow through or say one thing but do another.

Cindy and her two boys.

We see things differently

Birgitta on the water with her husband and  August.

Cindy Baldwin

Grew Up: I grew up in the Florida Keys and am an island girl through and through!

School: The University of Miami. I bleed Orange and Green.

My Career Track: My first job was renting jet skis in the Keys at 13, but my work career official started as an intern reporter for WBOC news; Marketing Account Representative for Robert Holtzman; Asst. Marketing Director for CocoWalk; Marketing Director for Simon DeBartolo, Michael Swerdlow Company; Lindt Chocolate USA and EDSA; COO and Partner ACAI Associates and ACAI Technologies; Founder and Chief Operating Officer of VDCO TECH. I have 22 years experience working in the built environment.

My colleagues describe me as: High Energy and Honest.

Favorite thing to do besides work? My perfect day would be on a boat, fishing with my two boys.

Favorite food? Maryland Crab Cakes and my Mom's fried chicken.

Favorite book or author? I read John Maxwell everyday to help me be a better business manager and love everything by James Patterson.

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who are not punctual!