We see things differently

Birgitta on the water with her husband and  August.

Birgitta Foster

Grew Up:Born in Alaska but grew up in the Washington DC area.

School: University of Texas, Austin. Hook'em Horns!.

My Career Track: My first job was busing tables at  a Tex-Mex restaurant. After completing my BSME went on to be an Application Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Engineering Manger, Assisting Director...best previous job : Facilities BIM Champion. Founder and Director of Facilities Integration at VDCO TECH. I have over 25 years experience working in the built environment.

My colleagues describe me as: Passionate and focused, a great combo .

Favorite thing to do besides work? Tennis, skiing, tennis, hiking, sailing,..did I mention tennis?

Favorite food? Fresh grilled fish, my dad's cornbread.

Favorite book or author? Legal Thrillers by John Gresham ( my fav :The Partner), John Lescroart books; financial journalist Michael Lewis  

Biggest Pet Peeve(s): People who do not follow through or say one thing but do another.

Cindy and her two boys.

Cindy Baldwin

Grew Up: I grew up in the Florida Keys and am an island girl through and through!

School: The University of Miami. I bleed Orange and Green.

My Career Track: My first job was renting jet skis in the Keys at 13, but my work career official started as an intern reporter for WBOC news; Marketing Account Representative for Robert Holtzman; Asst. Marketing Director for CocoWalk; Marketing Director for Simon DeBartolo, Michael Swerdlow Company; Lindt Chocolate USA and EDSA; COO and Partner ACAI Associates and ACAI Technologies; Founder and Chief Operating Officer of VDCO TECH. I have 22 years experience working in the built environment.

My colleagues describe me as: High Energy and Honest.

Favorite thing to do besides work? My perfect day would be on a boat, fishing with my two boys.

Favorite food? Maryland Crab Cakes and my Mom's fried chicken.

Favorite book or author? I read John Maxwell everyday to help me be a better business manager and love everything by James Patterson.

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who are not punctual!